Doctors Lineup
圖檔:Pediatrics, Head of Department, Doctor LIN Shu-Ming
[Pediatrics, ...]
圖檔:Family Medicine, Head of Department
[Family Medic...]
圖檔:大直腸肛門外科 盧文益 醫師
[Large Rectal...]
圖檔:高壓氧科 林治邦 醫師
[Hyperbaric O...]
[Minister of ...]
圖檔:黃炯棠 醫師
[Minister of ...]
圖檔:中風照護中心 林峰正 主任醫師
[Dr. LIN Feng...]
圖檔:Plastic Surgery, Head of Department, Doctor LU Dau-Kuan
[Plastic Surg...]
圖檔:Cardiovascular Surgery, Doctor WU Sin-Dai
圖檔:Urology, Head of Department, Doctor LIU Chia-Chu
[Urology, Hea...]
圖檔:Orthopedics, Doctor CHENG Yuh-Min
圖檔:General Surgery, Head of Department
[General Surg...]

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