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Chinese Medicine Health Care during autumn
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here are times during autumn that many people suffer from respiratory illness and skin condition, such as cough, dry itchy throat, dry itchy skin, skin desquamation, mouth parched and tongue scorched. Moreover, people with allergies suffer easily from allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis. It’s necessary to keep warm and hydrated. Pay attention to water temperature during bath. Furthermore, keeping a light diet also helps preventing autumn illness. It’s better not to intake too much fried, grilled, spicy and other irritating food.

According to Chinese Medicine, in order to prevent respiratory illness, it’s good to eat lotus root, white fungus, yam, lotus seed, honey water, Asian peer, okra, aiyu jelly, mesona and pumpkin. There is also an acupuncture point called Yuji. Message this point would relieve the symptoms of fall illness.

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