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How to eat properly during Mid-Autumn Festival
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During mid-autumn festival, people like to eat moon cakes or BBQ. However, eating too much of these things would cause physical burden. Pingtung Hospital makes a list of ‘’How to eat properly during Mid-Autumn Festival ‘’ to remind you to pay attention to health condition.
1. Cut moon cake into piece (share with friends!).
2. Having light diet during Mid-Autumn Festival.
3. Do not eat too much moon cake due to the saturated fat and trans fat which would easily cause the elevation of LDC.
4. People with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and chronic rental disease need to decrease the intake of moon cake. Do not take it as meal.
Roasted and grilled food sometimes would cause carcinogen, there are few ways to reduce the impact.
1. Prevent eating burnt food. Boil food before grilling or roasting.
2. Prevent foods from direct heat. It’s better to cover a aluminum foil on barbecue grill.

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