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How to eat properly during dragon boat festival
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During Dragon Boat Festival, people like to eat zongzi (sticky rice dumpling). However, sticky rice contains a large amount of dextrin, and it has strong stickiness and lower expansibility, so it is difficult to digest. Pingtung Hospital make list of ‘’how to eat properly during dragon boat festival’’ to remind you to pay attention to health condition. Please check the below :

- Step 1 – A glass of milk or buttermilk, every morning and evening.
- Step 2 – Two servings (fist-sized) of fruits every day.
- Step 3 – Eat more vegetables than fruits. Seasonal vegetable is the best.
- Step 4 – Eat whole grains as much as vegetables.
- Step 5 – Palm-sized beans, fish, eggs, meat every day.
- Step 6 – One tea spoon nuts every day.

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