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Comprehensive disease prevention: Handbooks of Taiwan's National Health Insuranc
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Recently, a foreign caregiver was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. As a result, the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) has established the “NHI Medical Rights to Foreigners” section on the homepage of its official website for foreign employees and their family members, or employers searching for information about their medical rights under the NHI. This section provides Taiwanese citizens, people speaking foreign languages, new immigrants and their relatives with relevant information about the medical guidance and latest policies of NHI system.
Director-General of the NHIA, Po-Chang Lee, stated that the NHIA fully supports Taiwan's disease prevention measures amid the severe, highly infectious coronavirus outbreak. People can quickly obtain the necessary information in the Handbook of Taiwan's NHI. To make it easy for foreign nationals to read the handbook, multilingual versions have been provided to explain the principles and contents of Taiwan's National Health Insurance system in plain language through user-friendly layouts, such as pictures and charts, and are compiled into several items, sections, and chapters. Relevant information can be found quickly and easily. Moreover, the Handbook of Taiwan's National Health Insurance is available at the "e-book Download" section on the NHIA's English website. Currently it is available in 6 languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.
The contents of the Handbook of Taiwan's National Health Insurance include the introductions of the medical rights under NHI; how to enroll in the NHI program; special circumstances (suspend/resume NHI coverage); premium sources and calculation; premium collections; healthcare services reimbursed by the NHI program; how to get medical services if you are covered by the NHl; NHI card functions, renewals, safekeeping, and application; care for special groups; facilitating access to healthcare for disadvantaged groups; how to obtain medical information you need; My Health Bank; NHI MediCloud System and reimbursement for self-advanced medical expenses. All information is explained in detail in each chapter and will be updated periodically.

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