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Smoking Cessation and Lung Health
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Smoking Cessation and Lung Health
In Taiwan, there are about 27,000 people died in smoke damage annually. It is about a man being killed in 20 minutes. The disease is the most frequent cause of cancer deaths globally. Pingtung hospital held a health lecture about smoking cessation and lung health on 30th of April. The most important thing to avoid lung disease is smoking cessation. However, many people think that it is very difficult to do smoking cessation due to the side effects. The side effects of quitting smoking can be extreme for somebody. It is because smoking affects every system in body. When a man quits smoking, the body needs to adjust to not having nicotine. Symptoms of smoking cessations include: headaches, nausea, tingling in hands and feet, increased appetite and associated weight gain, intense cravings for nicotine, irritability, frustration, and anger, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, etc. It takes willpower and a strong motivation to quit.
Quitting can be a challenge; the benefits on the physical and mental health are worth it. A better circulation, improved taste and smell, more energy, cleaner teeth and mouth, lower risk of cancer are benefits of quitting smoking. Pingtung hospital has a special smoking cessation clinic to help anyone who wants to quit smoking.
For more information and details about smoking cessation, please contact the special smoking cessation clinic. Pingtung hospital is a non-smoking environment. We hope to raise the successful rate with you!

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