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Winter TCM dietary supplementation
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Winter dietary supplementation is a tradition in Taiwan. There are two kinds of supplementation including TCM dietary and herbal tonics. Ginger duck stew, mutton hot pot and sesame oil chicken soup are common dishes that many people like to take in cold winter days. However, winter dietary supplementation is not suitable for everyone. Every individual has different physique. It needs to depend on physique to choose the right supplementation or herbal tonics. These foods can strengthen the effects of body heat creation and raises the effects of physical fitness and strength. Those who bodies are asthenia cold can choose to use more. However, these foods will cause symptoms of dryness in mouth or symptoms of having too much heat. Therefore, those who bodies are hot should avoid these foods.

We may intake more walnuts, black sesame, black bean and black fungus in our daily life. These foods have the same effects like dietary supplementation. Moreover, it’s necessary to keep a balanced diet, do to overeating and exercise more to stay healthy.

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