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How to prevent winter itch and dry skin
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Winter is plowing ahead, and with comes with the winter itch and dry skin. It can happen at any time of the year, but it’s known to become more common during the winter months. There are few evocators that will cause this skin problem, such as improper use of cosmetic and care products, friction of fabric and wool, over intake spicy food and so on.

It’s necessary to take care of both tips and root to treat this skin condition. It needs to keep a regular daily routine and a balanced diet. According to Chinese Medicine, in order to prevent skin condition in winter, it’s good to eat a boiled egg, and black sesame oatmeal as breakfast; fried fungus with pork, cruciferous vegetables, black bean duck soup as lunch; yam jujube rib soup, pumpkin chicken, grain rice as dinner.
Eating more fruit can also relieve the condition.

For more information, please contact the Chinese Medicine Department.

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