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Self-Paid Health Examination
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elf-Paid Health Examination
1. Pease make an appointment two weeks before. If you cannot come, please let us know to cancel before three days.
2. Please don’t eat after 22:00 and don’t drink after midnight.
3. Please take your stool sample (about 1 cm.) the day before check-up and put it in the fridge.
4. Three days before collecting the stool sample, please avoid: red meal (such as beef, lamb or liver), grapes, wine, tomato juice and so on.
5. Please don’t drink water on the check-up day in order to beneficial the ultrasonic check.
6. You will take a urine routine check the day of check-up.
7. If you are taking the medicine for hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or epilepsy under the doctor’s direction, please continue to use.
8. Please let us know if you are taking medicine for hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, glaucoma, asthma, anticoagulant like aspirin or you have some related medical history.
9. Please wear casual clothes with no zipper and metal objects. Don’t wear valuable jewelry.
10. Please don’t wear contact lens. Please bring our glasses for vision check.
11. Woman who is suspected pregnant, pregnant or on period, please postpone the check-up.
12. Please let the medical personnel know if you are suspected pregnant or pregnant to avoid taking X-ray.
13. Please don’t have sexual behavior and don’t use vaginal suppository the day before check-up.
14. Please bring your ID card and IC card on the day of health check-up.
15. The check-up report will take two weeks working days. We will let you know to pick up the report or mail to you.

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