Hospital Introduction
* Pingtung Hospital is located in the downtown area of Pingtung, at the intersection of Freedom Road and Park Road.

* From Pingtung Railway Station to Pingtung Hospital, you can take the city bus.
(Pingdong Passenger Transport:
Lingdong Line, 8227-Pingdong Sandi Township Office Line, 8228-Pingdong Duanzi, 8229-Sanhe Village Sandi Gate Line, there is a greeting station in front of the hospital, you can get on and off).

* From Pingtung Railway Station, take a taxi to the hospital for almost five minutes. Walking time, about five to thirty minutes

* The direction of the South Second Expressway to Pingtung Hospital is about 6.8 km from the 24-line to Freeway route.
Traffic control : [ Pingtung Passenger Transport ] [ Digital Map ]
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