Hospital Introduction
Image:日治時期位於屏東市區的台灣總督府屏東醫院舊影 (Open New Window)
  • 日治時期位於屏東市區的台灣總督府屏東醫院舊影
  • * 1910 Japan and Taiwan Governor Fengshan original relocation in Pingtung urban hospital that today Pingtung City Central Market is located, was renamed "A monkey hospital"

    * In 1920 the hospital was renamed "Pingtung hospital."

    * 1945 received by the national government of Taiwan Administrative office, renamed "Taiwan Provincial Pingtung hospital"

    * 1952 was ordered to receive "Hengchun hospital" to become the "Taiwan Provincial Hospital Hengchun, Pingtung Branch"

    * 1954 Freedom Road Pingtung City relocation plan approved case

    * In 1955 a fire in the center of the provincial hospital in Pingtung market site razed to accelerate early relocation

    * 1984 Kaohsiung Medical College and Memorial Hospital attached to the set of medical cooperative education

    * 1986 medical building alterations

    * Medical building completed in 1990, moved to a new building

    * 1993 evaluation as "regional teaching hospital."

    * 1995 Department of Health grants renovated psychiatric ward, November acute psychiatric patients admitted

    * 1996 by the Department of Health evaluation as "regional teaching hospital", October 13 start care hostels

    * 1997 completed medical dormitory

    * February 1998 and Pingtung Christian Hospital Foundation signed a cooperation plan medical support, and love General Hospital in April signed a medical cooperation programs and cooperative education support

    * July 1999 changed its name to "Department of Health Pingtung hospital", signed in August and [Ye Qing kun] clinic "Some open medical services contract."

    * Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital in 2002 and signed a medical cooperation

    * 2003 organizing family physician integrated care system pilot program

    * 2005 Nguyen General Hospital and Kaohsiung cooperative education and former staff quarters Bong Executive Yuan "agreed to apply for vacant auction."

    * 2006 Set 9 negative pressure isolation ward, patients admitted to respiratory isolation for Pingtung area dedicated hospital infection prevention and control, dementia care center opened

    * 2007 Excellence in obtaining regional hospital accreditation

    * 2008 with high medical [Xu Sheng xiong] president signed a medical all-round cooperation, dialysis room to recover from high medical management committee, stroke center established

    * 2009 Medical Center to develop plans for senior citizens need to get back the original staff quarters of land, bearing plans for medical support in remote areas (IDS Peony Township), radiation oncology (BOT) began operating

    * 2010 West ward refurbishment completed five-enabled, dementia sunshine center renovations completed enabled, MRI nuclear magnetic Bai photographic instrument was officially opened

    * 2011 Freedom Road wall demolition, renovation of the emergency ward and five East, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the official opening of the instrument CT 128T began operating the new system evaluation is eligible Excellence, Department of Hospital freshly evaluation first to receive new Excellence

    * 2012 emergency medical capacity rating (moderate) the qualified on the second floor of the original rehabilitation clinic Department of Surgery, Division turned into the first floor to the rehabilitation department, with the county road entrance renovation, re-organize, parking complete planning

    * July 23, 2013 with the Department of Health for the restructuring of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the hospital name changed to "Health and Welfare Ministry Pingtung hospital"
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